Custom Rules

Character rules are…
1.Start at 12th level.
2.Only races and classes listed in the planned characters section, no exceptions.No duplicate classes/races except Human. Also, all characters are Human unless cleared by me. It’s an easy process, basically just reading up on the race. Non-Psionic characters may not multiclass.
3.Pick 1 magic item of 13th, 12th, and 11th level as a wishlist with preference on importance. Items may not have the Cold or Radiant keyword. Take whatever reasonable mundane equipment you like.
4.You get Expertise (Your Choice), Improved Defenses, and 1 non skill/combat feat for free. Characters with a 16 Int also get Linguist and are literate. Language feats grant literacy as well.
5.All characters get the Inherent Bonuses flag.
6.Only Dark Sun sourced backgrounds and themes may be chosen unless approved by me.
7.Normal retraining rules will be used.
8.Special rules exist for Dwarves, Goliaths, and Tieflings. I will elaborate if interested.
•Controller – Bladesinger (Wizard)
•Controller – Druid (Swarm Only)
•Controller – Hunter (Ranger)
•Controller – Protector (Druid)
•Controller – Psion
•Controller – Shaman (Animist Only)
•Defender – Battlemind
•Defender – Berserker (Barbarian)
•Defender – Knight (Fighter)
•Leader – Ardent
•Leader – Sentinel (Druid)
•Leader – Skald (Bard)
•Striker – Elementalist (Sorcerer)
•Striker – Executioner (Assassin)
•Striker – Monk
•Striker – Scout (Ranger)
•Striker – Slayer (Fighter)
•Striker – Thief (Rogue)

•Goliath (Half Giant)

Dark Sun D&D 4.0 & Gamma World